Educare Academy

Tuition - Educational

12A Westfield Place, Blacktown NSW 2148

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Who we are…

A tutoring agency with a difference. Our students excel in their studies and as individuals through the best tutoring, study resources and personal development programmes. We stand for all that is education.

Our Dream
The dream of this institute is to provide a complete and holistic education to young minds. We aim to provide this through three mediums:

 Class Room Education of the highest quality.
 Robust Online Learning resources for all students.
 A one of a kind Personal Development Program called the Insights Programme

Our Values
We abide by the values of Passion, Empowerment and Success. We believe that students can achieve true success only if they are passionate about what they are doing, have a sense of control over their lives and acknowledge their success in order to beget more success.

Our Social Mission
We are a social enterprise. Our profits are directed towards developing education programmes for those with lesser opportunities and funding. Some of our projects include:

 Cyber Youth - A successful computer skills programme for those of refugee and disadvantaged backgrounds that has already seen over 300

 A successful partnership with Down Syndrome NSW in coordinating sports events and fun days for children with Down Syndrome.

 Partnerships with education bodies in India and Kenya in providing education material for under privileged students and funding to create classrooms and environment suitable for learning.



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